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Cfv                                                                     Maybe it will help

This old Latin expression means “Maybe it will help”. Formerly it was a fair and honest doctor’s acknowledgement of his helplessness. But now these words are not said.

The researcher’s intellect should always be perfectly honest, when what is at issue is a human’s health and life.  Unchecked recommendations damage the process of the fight against the infection, when experimenters and clinicians try to prove in all possible ways that a new modification has more advantages than initial structure or it reassures something. This generosity often once and for all disorients authors of the new remedies.

The problem of pathogenic viruses and bacteria reminds of two warring parties.  At the same time “reasonable species” in possession of abstractive thinking, logics, modern scientific and technical achievements, laboratories, computers, electronic microscopes cannot cope with elementary protozoa.  But unfortunately, it is so.

When attempting endlessly to get effective, creating resistant immunity, vaccines and serums, the power of dogma is as grand as intention to create antibiotics that do not cause formation of immune microbe forms. Immunologists’ unwillingness to realize that fact, that the systems “immunogen - antibody” and “allergen - antibody” are diametrically opposite in its functions and attributes, leads to the constant impulse to increase the concentration of the antibodies in the organism at any price. And all the work, in the end, doesn’t bring to immunization but to allergization of the organism. Modern clinics, unfortunately, cannot clear delimit infections that create immunity from those which sensitize organism. And what, a deadlock?

Once staphylococci were nothing, later they became a problem, and now it is a threat for all the humanity. Modern medicine of the whole world is defenseless for this implacable enemy. Those problems created by the antibiotics cannot be solved with their help.

Nobel Prize winners – Fleming, Chain, Flory, Dogmak didn’t imagine what sad evolution will prepare antibiotics and sulfanilamides. A high and deserved valuation of sulfanilamide protonsil and the first penicillin gradually and unnoticeably passed into overestimation of the world sensations. Even the first use of penicillin, along with brilliant clinic progress, clearly showed gaps in its antimicrobial specter. Clinic failures and undesirable side effects, which Fleming paid attention to, were insignificant in comparison to the great progress. All, without exception, existing antibiotics, as the clinics shows, gradually lose activity. Though the sphere of virus infections is still inaccessible to antibioticotherapy (the virus does not come under influence of the antibiotics), the victory over multitude of bacterial infections was gained. However, the specter of antimicrobial effect is not especially wide and everything significantly narrows. As it turned out, the primary activity of the antibiotics declines as appear microbe strains resistant to their activity. Such resistant forms demand simultaneous use of two-three and more antibiotics with a different specter of action.  These intakes give positive results only in certain cases.  The number of the resistant microbe forms grows. And antibiotics can not in whole solve the problem of health improvement.

The only task is to exterminate antibiotic-resistant microbe strains and, in the first place, staphylococci. Then the first-born antimicrobial attributes of the antibiotics will be sufficient for the wider pathogenic microbial population of the environment.  So how we can find a way out? I am constantly repeating that iodized polymers will help to facilitate a hard condition of the antibiotics in the clinics.

The quicker and the more effective staphylococci, olm, pathogenic gram-negative flora will be annihilated, the more active antibiotics will become.  Iodinole as an independent aniseptic remedy in surgery proved its currency and strength. But it doesn’t mean that iodized polymers will become saviours of the antibiotics. First of all, preparations of the biologically active iodine should treat sick people. And their use in the health prevention is practically panacea. Chemical sterilization in contrast to thermal one is the weakest spot of medicine.  The solutions of iodine halogens, chloramines, etc. irritate skin. They cannot be used for the sanitization of nasopharynx of sick people and staff.  The only form of iodine - its aquatic liquor, univalent positive, gives a possibility to solve this problem. The junctions of iodine and starch giving blue coloration can be consumed internally without fear. The supreme antiseptic attributes makes it possible to solve the problem with the” intrahospital” infections, particularly with the staphylococcal one.

It’s no secret what role play hospitals, maternity homes and other establishments called to fight with infections by cultivation, reproduction and propagation of the stable microbe forms. Lately this problem overwhelmed practically all the medical staff of these establishments as they are carriers themselves of these stable forms and strains. And the preparation “Mixtura indigoticus iodum” should protect, in the first place, this category.

About longevity of the preparations of the biologically active iodine

Aqueous-alcoholic tincture of iodine has been widely used in medicine as antiseptic for more than 200 years.  Over this period there were no messages about any decrease of activity of the preparations of molecular iodine. As far as “Mixtura indigoticus iodum” contains iodine in the oxidation degree +1, one can say with absolute certainty that it will possess antiseptic attributes, bactericidal, antiviral and fungicidal action during indefinitely long time. When contacting with a molecule including iodine in the oxidation degree +1, the microbe dies, it cannot be even mentioned about any addiction, adaptation of the protoplasm to the iodine conjugation in this form. In this system “iodide-polymer - iodine” the attributes of the both components do not change, the system is environmentally weak saving its primary biological characters. Iodine in the oxidation degree +1, which is a part of the composition of the hormones of thyroid gland and which is its active centre, exists since the moment when appeared life on the planet till present. Its main task in the human and mammal organisms is annihilation of microbes, strains and virulent forms penetrating into blood when passing through the thyroid gland. Biologically active iodine in the oxidation degree +1 is everlasting.

So why can we not use it in our everyday life? 


Olexsander Maltsev


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