Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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The project “Prophylaxis of iodine deficiency and infectious diseases. Health strengthening with the help of biologically active iodine preparation”

  1. The name of the project: Power of nation is in our health. DYNATO GROUP
  2. The aim of the project: Prophylaxis of iodine deficiency, infectious and virus illnesses among the population. Popularization and acquaintance with the individual prophylaxis among the children with the help of the DS preparation “Mixtura indigoticus iodum”. Realization of outreach works – the form of service advancement which is given by the medical service and public organizations to target population.
  3. The tasks of the project:

-          information work on problems of health preservation, risk lowering of iodine deficiency and infectious diseases with the help of trainings, presentations, individual and group consultations including material distribution in target groups;

-          the contact with a target group by means of trained outreach-workers;

-          guaranteeing of access to medical and social services with the help of the organization in these services of medical consultations for target group-participants of the project;

-          provision of a target group with remedies of prophylaxis of iodine deficiency, infectious and virus illnesses;

-          organization of regional mutual aid groups, /self-support/, support and realization of trainings on problems of prophylaxis by all levels of the population;

-          realization of researches of utilization of use of the DD preparation “Mixtura indigoticus iodum” bringing in medical establishments and specialists on directions of prophylaxis of iodine deficiency, infectious and virus.

There is also supposed a centralized delivery of the DD preparation “Mixtura inidgoticus iodum” to the regional centres, outreach-collaborators within the bounds of the project.

     4. The measures of the project:

For the specialists (doctors, psychologists  , collaborators, participants of the project “DYNATO GROUP” :

·        the seminars: “The prophylaxis of iodine deficiency, infectious and virus illnesses” among the population with the help of the DD preparation “Mixtura indigoticus iodum”;

·        the trainings “Status position in the society. Leadership qualities. Outreach-work.”

·        additional consultations

For the leaders and regional participants of the project:

·        the seminars: “Building of work in the regions. Organization of work places. The structure of building of leader work. Selection and qualification of outreach-collaborators”

·        the trainings “Creation of regional mutual aid groups and organization of prophylactic works with the limits of the project”

·        additional consultations

For the target group of the project:

·        meetings of mutual aid groups with the realization of lectures on the following topics: “Iodine and life problems. Significance of prophylaxis for health of the population”

·        a mutual aid group “Find your place in outreach work”

·        distribution of information materials which were published within the limits of the project

·        consultations which are given by specialists and medical workers to the participants of the project;

·        creation of regional associations-representatives of a target group.

The logic of the project:

                        National prophylactic level is a pledge of health of the nation.

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