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"Medicine blue iodine" - your reliable protection!

  • Prevents from iodine deficiency
  • Normalizes thyroid
  • Improves cognitive development in children
  • Improves well-being and prolong life
  • Reduces fatigue and increases efficiency
  • Strengthens immunity and prevents disease
  • Does not harm the body
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Succinic acid
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Amber acid is a product which was obtained in the result of treatment of natural amber. This is an absolutely harmless substance which possesses special useful properties. It is white crystal-like powder which tastes like citric acid.

In the evolution process living nature checked the usefulness of various simple and complicated compounds for vitally important processes. It is obvious that amber acid is suitable for these aims and from the time immemorial it has been used by all the organisms. As far back, as 50 mln. years ago it participated in metabolism of substances of living systems and till present time there remained a great number of it in amber. And nowadays any organism significantly increases producing of amber acid in unfavorable conditions; that helps it to resist harmful influences of the environment.

About 50 mln. years ago the Earth climate changed noticeable in the result of space cataclysms, the planet temperature rose and when growing trees appeared in the extreme situation they began to produce more amber acid that got to rosin excreted by these trees. Other more developed organisms obviously not only produced amber acid but they also aspired to replenish its shortage at the expense of external sources. Probably namely this dragged numerous insects and other small animals to wood rosin.

Amber acid is a natural means inherent to a human’s organism which gives energy to muscles, brain, heart and nerves. Coming from without, it normalizes Krebs cycle and in the conditions of anaerobic metabolism it is an important energetic material of the processes in mytochondrias.

The cycle of three-carbon acids. The Krebs cycle.


The experiments showed that amber acid helps to take tiredness away by heightened mental and physical stresses, quickens the rehabilitation process during recovery. It is effective by sugar diabetes, takes organism intoxication away including alcohol one, promotes recovery by infectious illnesses.

Amber acid attracted attention after declassifying material which touched the topic of the use of it for the purpose of rising of power and efficiency of the workers of German special service during the Second World War. Amber acid is energizer and in contrast to stimulators (coffee, etc.) doesn’t have the after-action effect; that is lowering of efficiency, depression after action (depression after stimulation effect).

Daily our organism produces about 200g of amber acid and it uses this acid for its own needs. For the organism there is enough amber acid which it produces or gets with food. However in the favourable conditions when there are tensions in the metabolism chain which appeared in the result of stress or sharply changed physical load, expense of amber acid increases, appears deficiency in it and the feeling of tiredness and lethargy.

The general human’s state worsens, the organism loses the ability of resistance to unfavorable influences of the environment, there are observed breaches in the work of its separate systems and developments of illnesses. And in this situation amber acid will help. Study of influence of industrial conditions (environment reaction, temperature) on preservation of iodine in the mixture complex showed that sour environment promotes stabilization of iodine-starch complex and we determined its longest preservation.

So we got interested in substances which biochemists call “intermediates of the Krebs cycle” and the most active of them is AMBER ACID (a succinate). Uniqueness of a succinate lies in the fact that it serves to all cells both like substrate and catalyst of biological processes simultaneously.

Namely because of this the organism needs more amber acid than it can produce and deficiency in it should be exceeded at the expense of getting with food to the organism.

We finally made sure that amber acid which got to the organism in the pure form is UNEFFECTIVE!  A succinate of “its own production” (endogenic, which was born inside a cell) – works! And the same a succinate but which got to the organism from without (exogenic which has absolutely identical properties) lies in the stomach inactively. There was also a problem of succinate delivery to blood.

Our hitch became that IODINE made a succinate (amber acid) BIOACTIVE in the mixture composition.

On these grounds we can say that amber acid shows all its properties as much as possible and works actively in the composition of “Mixtura indigoticus iodum”. As it is a succinate (transporter), it gives a possibility of quick providing of any substances of the preparation to the organism and amber acid makes them bio-available increasing their retard form. This statement can be related practically to all vitamins and microelements. A combined work of positively univalent iodine and amber acid is laid in the basis of the work of “Mixtura indigoticus iodum”.

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