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Fructose is on of the most wide-spread sorts of natural sugar. It is present in a free form practically in all sweet berries and fruits. Fructose composes more than a half of a dry part of honey.

Fructose relates to a monosaccharide group and is one of the most important natural sugars.

Some compounds of fructose can be found as natural products. The most important one among them is saccharose, that is usual sugar the molecules of which consist of one fructose molecule and of one glucose molecule.

Polysacharids formed from fructose such as inulin and flein are supplies of nutritious substances for plants. In the past fructose was made of insulin and that’s why its production in a pure form was expensive and labourious. Only lately people learnt how to produce fructose also by way of additional purification of saccharose. Properties which differ it from usual sugar such as a possibility of application in the food allowance of sugar diabetes patients have been know for many years. From time immemorial fructose in different forms has been in human’s nutrition. It is assimilated well by the organism, it is not harmful for the organism and it doesn’t provoke any side effects.

Fructose makes waterless crystals in the form of needles, the melting temperature is 102-105 C. Molecular weight is 180,16; specific gravity 160 g/cm3; caloric value is approximately the same as other sugars have – 4 kcal/g. Certain hygroscopicity is peculiar to fructose. The concentrated fructose structures save moisture. Fructose is easily soluble in water. By 20 C a saturated fructose solution has concentration of 78, 9%, a saturated saccharose solution – 67, 1 % and a saturated glucose solution – only 47, 2%. Fructose viscidity is lower that viscosity of saccharose and glucose solutions.

From the chemical point of view, fructose behaves as normal reducing sugar.

The typical reaction with the amine groups, also called the Maillard reaction passes comparatively actively. Fructose, like glucose, transforms in oxymethylfurfurole and then in levulin acid by heating with acids. Both in crystalline form and in certain derivatives glucose can be found in the form of fructopyranose. There are known some compounds in which fructose is in a keto form with a straight form. The fructose chemistry, in comparison with glucose and other aldohexoses, was explored badly. Fructose has a number of interesting peculiar reactions. It possesses ability to create some organic compounds; among them there is calcium-fructose which is of importance in nutrition. The importance of fructose as a complex creator can be great.

The fructose biological properties are very interesting.

In contrast to glucose, fructose is absorbed only with the help of passive diffusion from a human’s digestive tract. This process takes comparatively a long time. The fructose metabolism passes fast and occurs mainly in a liver and also in intestinal walls and in kidneys in view of a peculiar fructose-1-phosphat chain which isn’t regulated by insulin. It follows from this that fructose is suitable for being in the capacity of a sweetening substance and a carbohydrate source for sugar diatheses patients. The researches showed that fructose hastens metabolism in the human’s organism. It is used, for example, to treat alcohol poisoning of a human, and in this case fructose is injected intravenously. According to some information the biggest difference of metabolism speed with application fructose and without it is observed during sleeping. In the present time there are done researches of positive influence of fructose on a hangover syndrome.

Yellow bacterial plaque is less intensive and is removed more easily by the use of fructose but not saccharose in food. Fructose bacterial flaque has levan and saccharose one has dextran. By substitution of saccharose by fructose in the ration negative influence on teeth reduces to 30-40%.

Owing to special metabolism, fructose helps organism adaption by long stress state: car riding, in sport, etc. after taking fructose there is not observed quick rise and then further lowering of sugar level in blood, which is peculiar to glucose and saccharose. In the stress state glycogen formed from fructose serves as the energy source for the organism; it provides the organism with energy more evenly as may be necessary. For this reason lately fructose is added to the preparations destined for sportsmen to compensate loss of liquid and salt in the state of maximum stress.

However, apart from its positive qualities, when it gets to the organism, it passes special enzyme fructokinase-1 – that is peculiar to glucose. And enzyme fructokinase-1 is responsible for treatment of carbohydrates, which get in the organism with food into energy and decides what received carbohydrates turn to: to glycogen or to fat. When complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, macaroni, rice get to the organism they transform, mainly, into glycogen and they remain in liver or muscles in this form. It occurs till there is place in “reserves” of your organism and only then these carbohydrates are converted into fat (according to scientific information, a human’s organism is capable to save in reserves for about 250-400g of carbohydrates in the form of glycogen). Liver transforms glucose into fat and when this fat gets to the organism it is absorbed by fat cells immediately.

That’s why in the DS complex “Mixtura indigoticus iodum” when fructose gets to the organism it passes more slowly through the liver – it is like a filter for the organism. This deceleration causes starch. It is very important as fructose will get to liver and its transformation process into glycogen is smoother. The process comes to minimum when unclaimed carbohydrates will transform not into valuable muscle glycogen which is capable to provide a powerful burst of energy but into hated fat!

The glucose application in the DS complex “Mixtura indigoticus iodum” can liquidate some negative properties of fructose such as worsening of the function of receptor called alpha- polyphosphoric acid. This solves the problem of rise of obesity process which is observed in the world. In the preparation composition there are more favourable conditions of metabolic processes which don’t promote fat accumulation.


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