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“No ocean gales, storms, hurricanes can extract iodine from the cells of water-plants as it can be explained by oxidizing and restoration abilities of cells. This mechanism is always connected only with biologically positive univalent form of iodine, this means with the oxidation grade ~1+.

These processes lie in the basis of hormonal action of a thyroid gland. The role of iodine as a microelement and nature of the active centre of thyroid hormones itself are of exceptional interest. We don’t fully understand importance of what was given by nature itself.

All compounds of iodine with the help of which it is in the oxidation degree ~1+ possess biological activity, in particular antiseptic properties and also colour. All compounds of iodine which make it to be in other oxidation degrees possess neither biological effect nor colour if other components of the molecule are not notable for these properties. This appropriateness applies to the whole halogen group” (Alexander Maltsev).

The firm “VEK” was founded in distant February 1991 as a lot of companies in the beginning of 1990s did when the ideas of conducting business were different. It is very important that the enterprise didn’t fall into oblivition as a lot of undertakings did but it continued its way.

Maltsev Alexander Anatolievich is at the head of the enterprise.

The new conception of positioning was based on the results of the biological researches, especially on the researches concerning the properties of iodine compounds.

It turned out that namely the scientific work, individual production, the use of natural ingredients and that purposefulness which is peculiar to the company gave an opportunity to begin a realization of a number of innovatory projects directed to the prophylaxis of health in the beginning of 1990.

Collaboration with the leading institutes of Ukraine, Russia, France, Belgium, the personal contact with the great scientists O.B. Maximov, A.N. Chuprun let work out a new approach to the problems of health.

The firm “VEK” is occupied with working out pharmaceutical preparations, remedies and dietary supplements.

The uniqueness of elaboration lies in the fact that the effect is reached by the use of endogen compounds which are present in the human’s organism. The application of it renders regular prophylactic influence on different tissues, organs and human’s organism. Our developed scientific approach to making preparations of the new generation is a part of a modern direction in biology which is based on study of endogen regulators the use of which is more preferable than application of synthetic preparations. A striking property of the preparations which were made on the basis of only natural substances is its prophylactic and medicinal action by super low concentrations that conditions its exceptional safety which don’t render any unfavorable influences on the human’s organism as a whole.

The firm sees its special task in assistance of transition to output of production which only corresponds to the standards GMP and ISO.

All this became a base for creation of the brand “DYNATO GROUP” which consolidated a number of enterprises and owners for realization of new projects. The new brand “DYNATO GROUP” should be simply associated for consumers with qualitative products.


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